Students Success Stories

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my Canine Bowen Technique course, but I was blown away. Incredibly in-depth teaching from inspirational people, fantastic support when it was needed and above all, great chances to practice and observe, all with infinite kindness and deep respect for the dogs. It’s also brought more depth and ‘feel’ into my human treatments. It was a privilege to learn with Carole and Eileen, and of course Ron (who introduced Canine Bowen to the UK) and Maya (the superstar vet). It’s humbling and a joy to help dogs feel better, and my relationship with my own dog is certainly on a deeper and more communicative level now.
D.H. (UK Practitioner course)

This course shows a truly holistic approach to Canine Bowen Technique, with the No.1 priority being the dogs wellbeing.
G.S-D (Uk Practitioner Course)

This course was more than just learning Canine Bowen moves, it was understanding the world of ‘listening’ to and communicating with our canine friends, a language I hadn’t realized existed before I did the EGCBT course.
(UK Practitioner course)

Very enjoyable. Hard work! You start off thinking you understand dogs – but realise how much you have learned by the end of the course. The approach is very much centred around the comfort and welfare of the dogs brought to the course.
S.L. (UK Practitioner Course)

Carole & Eileen truly have commitment and respect for the wellbeing of dogs. The dogs come first on this course and rightly so.

Canine Bowen Technique is a gentle and respectful therapy that can only be delivered if learnt in a true holistic manner. EGCBT course and tutors deliver more than a new skill, they deliver a true holistic canine experience where inputs are more a priority than potential outcomes.

M.M. (UK Practitioner course)

At the start of this course, I believed I knew a bit about dogs and had a good relationship with my own. The course has been transformational. Carole, Eileen, Ron and Maya created a good balance between education, training and support. My knowledge of many aspects of dogs has been increased beyond expectation as indeed has my respect for them. On a more personal level, it has enhanced my relationship with my own and taken it to a much deeper level. I look forward to developing my career as a Canine Bowen Therapist and putting into practice everything I’ve learned. Thank you E.G.C.B.T.
L.M. (UK Practitioner course)

EGCBT has a wonderful approach to working with dogs. All work is based on what is best for the dog. Never forcing the dog to do anything it isn’t comfortable with. My journey this year with my own dog has been magical. We have a very strong bond and a greater understanding of each other. I can now share this through my new work as a Canine Bowen Therapist with other dogs and their humans, thank you.

This course has given me a lot to think about in the last year. I have had to be determined, self-motivated and organised and given up a lot of spare time, but it has given me great joy working with all the dogs. The teaching has equipped me with the skills necessary to have the confidence to go out and provide Canine Bowen Technique in my local area. I have laughed, cried, been frustrated and been ecstatic. If you can cope with all this you’ll love it. I also made lots of new friends, who have been really supportive.”

L.D. (UK Practitioner Course)

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