Learn Canine Bowen Technique (CBT) Practitioner Training

Where you’re at…

You are searching for a reputable, outstanding course in Canine Bowen Technique and would like to explore if this training is for you and/or your dog.

Already know and love Bowen and would like to know more about Bowen for dogs. You feel it would be great to offer your dogs the gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that aims to promote healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing support for your own dogs throughout their lives. Maybe there is no professionally trained Canine Bowen Technique Practitioners in your area and you see the potential for incorporating it into your existing profession. Maybe you already are a Human Bowen practitioner or a canine professional (vet, trainer, groomer, behaviourist) and would like to add CBT to your business.

You love being with dog’s and want to better understand them. You would really like to be able to develop communication with your dog’s /dogs you already work with and deepen the quality of your relationship them. You feel it’s important for dogs long term well-being and health to better understand them as well as be able to see and refer to holistic (whole-life-style) living for dogs.

You need to feel safe and decide carefully before spending time, money and your emotional commitment to a course. You want to train with people who really understand both Bowen and Dogs, as well as how to respectfully offer Bowen to dogs, not just one or the other.

What you need help with right now…

You are searching for a reputable, outstanding practitioner level course in Canine Bowen Technique and you need to find out if this training is for you.

You love being with dog’s and want to improve your communication, better understand them and develop the quality of relationships you have with them both with your own dogs and working as a canine professional.
You value and enjoy your own Bowen sessions and would like to be able to knowledgeably and safely offer this technique to dogs.

It’s important to you to study with the highest qualified, experienced and respected teachers in their field. You only want to work with people for whom the needs of dogs are not only genuinely understood but are a priority.

You deeply care about your own dog(s) and want to understand what’s involved for them, if you attend the course.

You need to understand what you need to do/the entry requirements are to be able to apply for the training. What do you need to do to add Canine Bowen Technique to your business, maybe you already are a Human Bowen practitioner or a canine professional (vet/vet nurse, trainer, groomer, behaviourist).

You have heard that places are limited on this training and want to ensure you are able to reserve one of the few places, as soon as possible.

How can the – ‘Learn Canine Bowen Technique (CBT) Practitioner Training’ help you?
During your complementary 20 min telephone consultation I will explain the course structure, place availability and what you may need to do to fulfil the course requirements*. We will have talked through any further questions you have after reading the prospectus I will have sent to you prior to our call. We will have made sure we spend some time discussing what’s involved for your dogs, if they come with you during the training and how best to manage their needs. On our courses, we believe very much in putting the welfare of dogs first. We believe that the best dog to help students learn is their own dog – a dog with which they have already built up a partnership of trust and respect.

The EGCBT practitioner course in Canine Bowen Technique, is currently the only UK-developed course in Bowen for dogs approved for continuous professional development (CPD) training by the Bowen Association UK (BAUK) – one of the two leading associations of professional Bowen therapists in the UK. All our courses can be used to claim ‘other CPD’ hours to satisfy membership requirements of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA).

EGCBT’s primary aim is to improve the health and well-being of dogs. We do this by:

  • Offering inspiring and rewarding courses in Canine Bowen Technique.
  • Educating students to a high professional standard, thus enhancing the quality and credibility of this relatively-new complementary technique.
  • Keeping class sizes small, thus allowing for maximum interaction between student and teacher, and minimising stress to the dogs involved.
  • Using the highest qualified, experienced and respected teachers in their field.

Each of the few EGCBT approved training schools/providers in the world have completed over 250 hours of postgraduate teacher training with Sally & Ron Askew. They have been working as Canine Bowen Technique practitioners for many years and are actively involved in the standards of their training, practitioners and with the regulation of non-veterinary animal professionals in their respective countries.

Carole Justice Gray is the only training provider of the EGCBT (European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists) Practitioner course in the UK and Carole has been offering this training in the UK since 2014.

  • Delivering a high standard, quality product to the best of our ability where the needs of dogs are a priority.

Important aspects of canine welfare, together with canine anatomy & physiology, are presented by a vet, ensuring that the latest information on veterinarian best-practice can be discussed with the students.

EGCBT have been producing knowledgeable, professional practitioners since their training was first held in 2004 (15+ years). This course was developed by experienced Bowen therapists and dog trainers/behaviourists, Sally and Ron Askew, with the aid of one of the top orthopaedic vets in the UK. The training offers a unique, dog-centred, holistic approach for people wishing to become properly skilled Canine Bowen Technique practitioners. It has been held in the UK since 2004, Switzerland since 2006, and in 2013 the first course was held in the Netherlands.

  • Pioneering a way of working with dogs which is both dog-centred (the needs of the dog always comes first) and dog-led (the dog is listened to and respected during the CBT session).
  • Offering a uniquely holistic (whole-life-style) approach for helping dogs.

In the main the course concentrates on how to apply the Bowen Technique to the benefit of dogs. However, it also includes coverage of other areas in a dog’s life which might affect the outcome of a treatment (e.g. stress, exercise and training regimes, nutrition, aftercare). These elements were developed with the aid of professionally-qualified experts and are designed not to make the student a qualified professional in those areas, but so that problems may be recognised, and the dog referred on to an appropriately qualified professional as necessary.

The EGCBT Practitioner course is intended to provide a credible and respected standard of professional training in Canine Bowen Technique. Consisting of four or five Modules (depending on country/training provider) spread out over approximately a year. Module 1 is as for the Self-Interest option, and then Modules 2-4 or 5 complete the full course. Please note that in the UK this is a 5 module course.

Membership of CBTA (www.cbta.org.uk) is available to students and qualified practitioners, providing support and further training/CPD workshops to help maintain their skills and develop further approaches to their work as a therapist. Long standing workshops offered have included established subjects and approaches (developed specifically for dogs by Sally and Ron Askew) such as: Treatment Protocols for Low-Energy Dogs, Fascia Canine Bowen Technique, and Biomechanics for CBT.

Past students have also commented that working with an animal, a being who cannot directly communicate their problems and feelings via the spoken language, increases the importance of observation skills, and as a result of the course those who were human-Bowen practitioners have found that their human Bowen work has improved.

*EGCBT training is available for those who meet the following criteria:

All students (Self-interest and Practitioner) must have completed the Introductory Level tuition of the Bowen Technique on humans (for example if training with CBS 3- days of Module 1 is required or if training with Bowtech 4 days of Modules 1 & 2 is required), prior to commencing the Canine Bowen Technique course. This is to ensure that students already have an understanding of the Bowen Technique and will have practiced their technique on people before being allowed to work on dogs. Please ask me during our telephone consultation if you require details of human Bowen Technique training providers.

Before they can be awarded the Practitioner Certificate in Canine Bowen Technique, Full Practitioner-course students must also have completed their training in the Bowen Technique on humans. This is to ensure that practitioners have a complete understanding of the Bowen Technique. This human Bowen training could be done either before, during, or after our Canine Bowen Technique course, although doing both canine and human courses at the same time does involve a high workload from the need to do two sets of case studies.

(Veterinary Surgeons and qualified Veterinary Nurses on the RCVS list who wish to study Canine Bowen Technique do not have to complete the human Bowen course in order to receive the EGCBT Practitioner Certificate, but are required to have completed the Introductory Level of the Bowen Technique on humans prior to starting the Canine Bowen Technique course.)

Applicants must satisfy the course organisers of their aptitude for working with dogs by including brief details showing their experience of working and/or living with dogs.

Book your 20 min telephone consultation now, where I can answer all of your questions and we can see if we can find you a place. PLEASE NOTE: Places on my training are limited, I only run one course in the UK a year, students reserve their places significantly in advance and a waiting list for places is often required.

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