Clients Success Stories

I first looked into Bowen as an option for my gorgeous senior boy last year. As with most ageing doggies he was starting to suffer with arthritis and stiffness and he was quite anxious. I didn’t want to go down the route of tablets at this point and luckily found Carole.

He and Carole have a remarkable understanding of one another so I’m confident that he is getting as much Bowen as he needs each session. The Bowen has in my opinion helped him stay mobile and have more energy which as an owner is lovely to see. There are improvements in his general mood and he is more confident and relaxed. Obviously at age 13 he isn’t up to walking miles any more but he is now able to enjoy his walks again and this is a great joy as he loves getting out and about sniffing all the exciting smells and being a Labrador, he enjoys scavenging all sorts of disgusting things!

He definitely enjoys seeing Carole and because of the way they communicate throughout the session I am put at ease I can see him responding to Carole and she never applies Bowen if he shows any sign of not wanting it. I’m so glad I decided to seek this therapy for my boy and I think he is too.

S.E. Northamptonshire.

Since having a few Canine Bowen Technique sessions Harry has been eating better, he is less stressed, his hair has grown back and his leg is not giving in. Basically he is more active, has a more balanced way of being and is moving much freer, running about like he used to.
T.D. Cropthorne.

Six months ago our 13-year-old Labrador collapsed like Bambi. After 1 session of CBT by Carole Justice, he stood up. He has ongoing treatments as and when required and you would never know he had ‘Rapid deterioration of hind leg use’, of which there was nothing which could be done for him. I wish this this therapy could be accepted and more readily available for older dogs, for those that cannot have surgery/anything more done to them. His quality of life is 9/10. He wasn’t ready to let go and we were not ready to give up on him, this has given him a fantastic quality of life, he is a happy dog again.
A.S. Aynho.

I truly believe without this therapy my retriever Jack who died aged 14 would have had a significantly shorter live (and I mean years). Every time his legs and body let him down the Canine Bowen Technique got him going again, physically and emotionally.
L.A. Kings Sutton.

I am not into all this “Hippie Stuff!” but Carole’s Bowen has proven to be the best therapy I’ve had. She has completely fixed my hips and knees, if she can fix me she can fix anybody (and your dog).
D.W. Finstock.

Our black lab had been suffering from a chronic limp for many months before we called upon Carole’s expertise. From the outset, we were impressed how Carole built up her relationship with Kali, allowing the dog the freedom and time to express herself and become accustomed to Bowen. Carole has a very sensitive approach and an extraordinary ability to understand what animals are telling her. Thanks to Carole, Kali’s condition has improved significantly and has made a pronounced recovery, both physically and mentally.
K.B. Woodeaton.

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