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European Guild of Canine
 Bowen Therapists

EGCBT Practitioner Course
Miscellaneous Terms & Conditions

•  The EGCBT Practitioner course timetable is spread out over approximately a year and is designed to ensure that students have sufficient time to complete all written work and case studies, and gain maximum hands-on experience, skill and practice of Canine Bowen Technique.
There will be ongoing assessment of students on the course via written assignments, supervised practical work, and case logbook, and students will need to meet the required standard at each stage of the course before proceeding to the next stage.
EGCBT Training - another Hands-on Practical Session
•  The number of places available on the course will be limited to a maximum of 12 students.

•  The course fee includes all handouts, assessment reports on assignments and case studies, and final assessment fee. Refreshments on course days, but not lunch, are also included.

•  At the end of the course there will be practical and written assessments. In order to successfully complete the course, students will be required to :
•  Achieve the required standard in case studies,
•  Achieve the required standard in the four written course assignments,
•  Achieve the required standard in the practical and written assessments.
Veterinary surgeons and nurses are exempt from the A&P part of the final assessment and the (two) A&P course assignments.
•  Prior to receiving the EGCBT Practitioner certificate in Canine Bowen Technique, students (except for vets and qualified vet nurses) will be required to provide evidence of having successfully completed the further training in the Bowen Technique on humans.