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European Guild of Canine
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Sally Askew

Sally has always been interested in dogs (particularly Golden Retrievers!). She maintains a busy canine practice offering a truly holistic way of living with dogs, and has been using complementary techniques/therapies in her training and behavioural work with dogs for several years.
For almost 20 years she was a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Guild of Essential Oil Therapists for Animals (GEOTA) as well as being an Honorary Member of the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE). She is a human Nutritionist and one of only a few non-veterinary people to have the C&G Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition. As well as being a qualified teacher of people, Sally is trained in Energy work and is accredited to teach Chi Kung to an Advanced Level.
Sally Askew
Sally’s work with dogs is internationally acknowledged and she is in demand as a speaker for professional organisations as well as having lectured in many European countries on the holistic approach to living with a dog, canine nutrition, how health affects canine behaviour, and the use of complementary techniques/therapies in maintaining the dog’s optimum health.

Ron Askew

Ron was brought up having dogs in the family - over the years his father, uncle, and grandfather owned labradors, terriers (various), and springer spaniels.
Ron worked in the communications industry for nearly 30 years, firstly as an electronics engineer, and then as a software/database consultant. In common with a lot sedentary workers he had developed a bad back over the years, and was persuaded by a Bowen student to be one of her case studies. The second session had such a profound effect on his back that he and Sally decided they needed to find out more about the Bowen Technique for themselves.
Ron Askew
Sally and Ron qualified as Bowen practitioners on humans in January 2002 and, with the consent and help of local vets, they worked on adapting the use of Bowen for dogs, where they have had great success.
Combining their Bowen work with their experience as dog trainers/behavourists, they designed and developed their EGCBT Practitioner course to provide a unique, dog-centred, holistic approach for people wishing to become properly skilled
Canine Bowen Technique practitioners. The course has been held in the UK since 2004 and in Switzerland since 2006, and in 2013 the first course was held in the Netherlands.
In 2012 Sally and Ron decided that they were going to retire from teaching. Over the next 2-3 years they allowed Carole Justice Gray and Eileen Smith (UK) and Nicole Fröhlich (Switzerland) to shadow them as they taught, and to gradually take over teaching for themselves. In 2014/15 they authorised Carole, Eileen and Nicole to continue with the teaching of this wonderful technique in their own right.

Carole Justice Gray

Carole has grown up with dogs - mainly Dachshunds and Golden Retrievers - and is now firmly in love with Hungarian Vizsla’s. She lived without a dog only when working in London as an advertising producer in the 1990’s. During this time she satisfied her love of animals by developing a keen interest in horses later becoming involved in Equine and Canine behaviour and training. As a result of this Carole was given a somewhat ‘complicated’ Hungarian Vizsla, who along with her own return from ill health (M.E.) firmly established her obsession with complementary therapies and creating the most positive relationships you can with dogs.
Carole qualified as a Human Bowen practitioner in 2008 and as a
Canine Bowen Technique practitioner in 2009. She has busy human practices in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire and travels all over the country working with dogs in her role as a Canine Bowen Technique practitioner.
Carole Justice Gray
She is a member of the Bowen Association UK, a Full Member of EGCBT and a registered human practitioner with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). In March 2013 Carole qualified to work as a teacher of adults in preparation for becoming teacher of Canine Bowen Technique.
Since 2012 Carole has been given the opportunity to study with Sally & Ron as they teach their Canine Bowen Technique courses in the UK and abroad, alongside attending other relevant workshops/canine dissections thus further developing her teaching skills. Carole and Eileen (below) started their first EGCBT approved self-interest & practitioner course in Canine Bowen Technique in the UK during March 2014.

Eileen Smith

Eileen was raised with several pets, one of whom was a nervous abused rescue dog. Having left Teacher Training college, married, and set up home, she began a fascinating journey being trained and loved by Elkhounds. These were soon joined by a variety of rescue dogs who continued to teach her so much more. Finding that Elkhounds were not highly regarded at the local obedience club she threw away the check-chain and instead negotiated with her dogs to find a more successful way forward. She began working with others to help them enjoy living with and working with their dogs in 1978.
Eileen Smith
Eileen's association with dogs has mostly been with the training of companion dogs and with canine athletes in competitive sports.
Eileen completed her Bowen training with ECBS (human) and then EGCBT (canine) in 2005. She has been working as a Human and Canine Bowen practitioner ever since and continues to work mainly with elderly, rescue and agility dogs. Eileen is firmly established within the UK as both a teacher and
Canine Bowen Technique practitioner. Since 2013, she has been working alongside Carole with Sally & Ron as they teach Canine Bowen Technique in the UK as well as attending other relevant canine workshops. Eileen started teaching Canine Bowen Technique with Carole in March 2014.

Dr. med vet Maya Bräm

Maya has always been fascinated by animals (including humans) and how they communicate with each other. It was her love of horses especially which brought her to study as a vet.
After finishing her studies in veterinary medicine in Switzerland in 2000, Maya wanted to learn more - to look more holistically into the animal/human system and the communication with animals and humans. Her doctoral thesis concerned the aggressive behaviour of dogs.
Maya also attended the first course in veterinary behaviour medicine with the Swiss veterinary association STVV, which she completed successfully in 2003.
Dr. med vet Maya Bräm
After that she attended a two-year dog-trainer course with Nicole in order to broaden her practical knowledge of dogs.In 2005 she did some research work under the direction of Prof. Daniel Mills at the University of Lincoln with an emphasis on the non-verbal communication between dogs and their owners.
In 2006 Maya attended the first
Canine Bowen Technique course in Switzerland, and since then she has taught the anatomy and physiology topics of the course in both Switzerland and the UK.
Back now in Switzerland, Maya has her own practice for veterinary behavioural medicine, herbal medicine, and
Canine Bowen Technique. In addition she offers behavioural consultations at the two animal hospitals in Zürich and Bern and is researching into the personality characteristics of animals.

Nicole Fröhlich

Nicole began her professional dog life in 1998, starting her own dog school, and offering daily classes plus seminars, camps and educational courses. Over the years she has steadily extended the range of offerings. In 2006 Nicole developed her own dog-handler course and compentency test, which can also be used in her local  Graubünden Canton when dealing with biting incidents. She has also written a booklet for puppy-owners as well as a dog-handler book.
Nicole Fröhlich
Her main goal is showing ordinary dog people another way of living with dogs - a way that is based on respect, trust, understanding and love. A way in which people can enjoy their dogs despite all of today's laws. She also loves to share her experience with people who are interested in working with people and dogs.
In 2006 Nicole organised the first
Canine Bowen Technique course in Switzerland with Ron and Sally. After a few years of hosting and translating for these courses, she started to assist with the teaching and in 2014 was authorised by Ron and Sally to teach the courses in her own right. She presented her first revision-day in 2014, then taught a Self-Interest course herself for the first time in 2015, and started a full Practitioner course in 2016.
Also in 2015 Nicole started up a charitable foundation for dogs - "Foundation for Happy Dogs and People". Its main aim was to create a dog's home which was more attuned to the needs of the dogs - where both boarding kennel dogs and, especially, rescued dogs could be looked after. An important constituent of the care concept was the use of
Canine Bowen Technique for these dogs, and for this the home contains two special-purpose therapy rooms.