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European Guild of Canine
 Bowen Therapists

Canine Bowen Technique
Some Case Histories

Case 1:

B., a fourteen year old Collie, had jumped up for a ball some years ago, landed awkwardly and had been walking sideways ever since. He had tried acupuncture and various anti-inflammatory/painkilling drugs from his vet with little success. After two Canine Bowen Technique sessions B. was a much happier and livelier dog, walks much straighter and in his mistresses words “now runs freely and moves like a puppy again”.

Case 2:

B., a six year old Golden Retriever, had started to become grumpy. She objected to meeting certain dogs in the park. She didn’t like to be touched on certain areas of her body. Her mistress said that B.’s coat “wasn’t right”. After one Canine Bowen Technique session and using Essential Oil Remedies B. was a much happier dog, greeting people and dogs nicely, moving more freely and enjoying being stroked again.

Case 3:

D., a three year old German Spitz, woke each morning with fluid on her neck and shoulder causing her to walk with an abnormal gait until it drained with movement during the day. D. was unable to sit or lie down comfortably because of the excess fluid. A spinal X-ray had revealed nothing particularly untoward. D. was a very nervous dog aggressive to visitors to the home and to people and other dogs met whilst out walking. Canine Bowen Technique enabled D. to relax. After two sessions D. was able to sit and lie down normally. The swelling on her neck and shoulder disappeared and she was more relaxed with people and other dogs.

Case 4:

T., a three year old Golden Retriever, went suddenly lame on his right rear leg and was unable to put any weight on the leg. Twenty-fours hours after a Canine Bowen Technique session T. was running around normally again.